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June 10, 2019

Update to HootBoard Kiosk Calendar

Exciting news from our hard-working development team! We've recently deployed an update with big changes to the calendar view - upgrading its appearances, making it easier than ever to navigate, and improving the overall usability when it comes to viewing events. Best of all - our brand new calendar supports all common gestures, allowing you to quickly gather the information with as little effort as possible. Swipe, scroll, click - have fun!

Here are a few highlights from the front lines:

- Added a brand new month view and a brand new week view making it easier than ever to choose the time frame that you'd like to see.

- Included a full year overview highlighting the days on which you have an event.

- Added functionality allowing you to scroll up and down to navigate month to month or week to week.

- Ability to easily select any day and quickly go into the week or day-at-a-glance view.

- Added a clutter-free events list view letting you view a list of events in chronological order.

- Plus an additional view that focuses just on the events, allowing you to easily glance at all the events on the board in one go.

One small note: this new calendar update is currently only available on our kiosk platform. It is being rolled out to our beta customers first and will be rolled out to our entire kiosk segment shortly. If you'd like to learn more about our kiosk products, just let us know!

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