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July 10, 2019

Improved Invitations: Invite Users & Set Their Role!

The best part of managing your HootBoard is sharing new content, announcements, and events with your community - and HootBoard invitations can help you grow that community with a new improvement! Our team has added a role selection aspect to our invitation portal which means that you can now invite users to join as any role for your board.

  • Need some help adding content and managing the board? Send out an invite to new admins!
  • Want to expand your community of content creators? Add new users as posters!
  • Simply need to let your community of users know to check out HootBoard? Try adding users as followers or using our bulk invite functionality!

You can get started inviting new users (and selecting their roles!) by logging in to your HootBoard and then navigating to Admin - Manage Members - Invites Sent - Invite More People. Try it out and spread the word about your great HootBoard!

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